Nov 2011 The Executive Council of the Acoustical Society of America has elected Annemarie Surlykke a "Fellow of the Society" for her contributions to the production and processing of ultrasound in animals.

Sep 2011 Peter T. Madsen (AU), Magnus Wahlberg (Fjord og Bælt, SDU) and Annemarie Surlykke (Inst. Biology. SDU) was granted support from FNU for the project: Echolocation: adaptive perception through active sensing. A total of 5.775.660 Dkk was awarded, of which ca. 1.9 Mkr goes to SDU.

Sep 2011 Collaborating with Coen Elemans, John Ratcliffe and Lasse Jakobsen published a paper on the superfast muscles in the larynx of bats: "Superfast muscles set maximum call rate in echolocating bats" Science 333, 1885 (2011).

July 2011 Collaborating with Cindy Moss and Chen Chui, Annemarie Surlykke published "Adaptive vocal behavior drives perception by echolocation in bats" Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2011, 21:645-652.

Mar 2011 Ratcliffe et al. "Frequency alternation and an offbeat rhythm indicate foraging behavior in the echolocating bat, Saccopteryx bilineata". Accepted for J.Comp.Physiol.

Feb 2011 Guarato et al. "A method for estimating the orientation of a directional sound source from source directivity and multi-microphone recordings: principles and application". JASA 129(2).

Feb 2011 Brinkløv et al. "Echolocation call intensity and directionality in flying short-tailed fruit bats, Carollia perspicillata (Phyllostomidae)". JASA 129(1).

Jan 2011 John Ratcliffe, Kayleigh Fawcett and Annemarie Surlykke in South Africa to collaborate with David Jacobs on a project focusing on echolocation in horseshoe bats, Rhinolophidae and other sympatric bats.

Jan 2011 Wilson et al. "Directional escape behavior and energy detection in allis shad (Alosa alosa) exposed to ultrasonic clicks mimicking an approaching toothed whale. J.Exp.Biol. 214.

Jan 2011 New website developed.

Dec 2010 Signe Brinkløv was awarded a two-year postdoc from FNU to work in Brock Fenton's lab (Canada) to do field work on echolocating birds in Trinidad or South Asia.

Dec 2010 Lasse Jakobsen was awarded two years of post-doc funding from the Carlsberg foundation to work here on aspects of directionality of bat sonar sounds.

Dec 2010 John Ratcliffe (PI) and Annemarie Surlykke received 800 kkr from FNU to buy a high-speed thermo camera for the lab.

Nov 2010 BatLab outing to Mønsted Kalkgruber and Rander Regnskov.

Nov 2010 Signe Brinkløv and Lasse Jakobsen were awarded their doctorates.

Sept 2010 AMS agreed to edit a special issue on Sonar for the Springer Series: Handbook of Auditory Research.