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Biosonar and echolocation in general

Echoes in the Night classroom teaching guide.

National Parks Bat Echolocation page.

Animations of echolocation at:, also sound samples.

Animations of human hearing at: and the BBC

Biosonar "seeing with sound" shockwave site.


Fantastic pictures from National Geographic of the bats of Barro Colorado Island, Panama. Also, bat sounds.

Bat (Chiroptera) facts from National Parks. Bat care, Brisbane, Australia. Bat sonar page with nice pics but in Italian.

Article about my work in the New Scientist April 2008: Bat squeaks louder than a rock concert.

Macrophyllum macrophyllum

The Long-legged Bat. Information from Animal Diversity and from Wikipedia.

Micronycteris microtis

The common big-eared bat. Information from Wikipedia. IUCN Red List entry.


Daubenton's bat. Information from Wikipedia and from Bristol University (includes calls). More pictures at Wikimedia Commons. IUCN Red List entry.

Noctilio leporinus

The Greater Bulldog Bat or Fisherman Bat. Information from Animal Diversity and Wikipedia. IUCN Red List entry.


The UK Natural History Museum's butterfly and Moth identification page.

Moths Count from the UK Butterfly Conservation group.

Other Species

An introduction to biosonar wrt dolphins.

The UK's Natural History Museum web site contains lots of useful information about various species, as does the on-line encyclopedia "Wikipedia" in English and Danish.

Batlab, Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark