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At BatLab we have facilities for keeping and flying small to medium-sized bats such as the European Myotis daubentonii and Pistrellus pygmaeus. We capture bats in the wild, fly them in behavioral experiments in the large flight room, and release them where they were caught when the project is done.

We also work with bats in their natural habitat. We study many Danish species of bats and also work with tropical species, notably on Barro Colorado Island in Panama. Recently, we have also studied rhinolophid bats in South Africa.

Most insectivorous bats can catch insects in flight -- even though the insects try to avoid them. At BatLab we investigate insect hearing and their behavioural response to bat calls. We work mostly on Danish noctuid moths. Care for a virtual nocturnal experience? Register yourself at various Belgian casino sites, and enjoy many of the casino games inspired by our favorite animal species - Bats. Use many of the no deposit bonuses, and start playing for free.

Batlab, Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark